A frame sandwhich board
A frame sandwhich board
A frame sandwhich board

A frame sandwhich board


Please upload a file here if you would like a double sided sandwhich board, it can be the same or different from side 1

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These sandwich boards are a great size signage for a market stall or shop. They are heavy framed so they won't blow away and are super sturdy.

There are so many options with these they can be engraved painted, 3D or a combination of all so just email to request anything you need or write in the comments your requirements.

Logos contained in a circle will be made that way, logos not in a container will be 3D and not incased in a circle unless requested - they are made as per artwork file.

These are an interior timber so they are coated with lacquer but it is not recommended for use out in rain.

Double sided have both sides with your logo or text choice single will have 1 plain side. If you want two different sides please supply two artwork  files.


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Dimensions 600 x 930cm